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Shipping Companies Refused To Follow Government Orders In Pakistan


Shipping companies earning millions of dollars’ worth of freight from Pakistan have refused to comply with government orders despite the huge damage to the industry due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Federal FPCCI of traders demanded from the government of Pakistan to establish a government writ, taking notice of not giving relief to the Pakistani industry and having double standards in dealing with difficult conditions of shipping companies.

According to Khurram Ijaz, Vice President of FPCCI, Model Customs Collector Karachi released relief goods to Pakistani traders and enterprises due to outbreak and lockdown of Coronavirus in a letter issued to the Shipping Association and Shipping Agents Association on April 3. Apart from providing and delaying the five-day period, it was instructed not to impose any delays or other charges on the cargo arriving from March 25 to April 16, which the shipping companies not only ignored but also responded. Reviewing the customs collector’s decision, citing dozens of compulsions demanded.

Shipping companies, in a letter issued to customs officials, cited the difficulties faced by the companies in the Corona epidemic, suggesting a possible relief to Pakistani importers on a case-by-case basis.

Khurram Ejaz said that the same shipping agencies are following the order issued by the Ministry of Shipping and Ports of India, which will allow all shipping companies to contact the consignment during the lockdown period in India from March 22 to April 14. Is also obliged not to receive any kind of Detention Charges.

According to the Vice President of FPCCI, the shipping companies in India are much larger than Pakistan, yet the same shipping companies are giving concessions to the importers of India and are complying with Indian laws, these are the shipping companies. Excuses are being made in implementing government orders to provide relief to industry and importers in Pakistan.

According to Khurram Ijaz, cargo at Karachi’s ports is facing a significant decline at present. Containers of shipping companies are filled with empty containers. There is no shortage of empty containers as there is a widespread trend of trade around the world. The smaller businesses and SMEs have imports that have suffered the most because of the Corona epidemic, and imports of these importers and small enterprises will increase manifold in the event of a dentation imposed. Will come in the form of industry closures Khurram Ejaz has appealed to the government of Pakistan to take notice of this behavior of shipping companies within the state and to enforce the government orders.

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