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Shibli Faraz Says the Decision of Easing Lockdown is Made with Consensus

On Thursday, Shibli Faraz Federal Minister for Information said that the decision of easing the lockdown was made with consent by the central platform.

He elaborated further in a TV show named as Power Play by saying that this pandemic virus is quite unpredictable, nobody knows its duration but the Federal government announced a series of decisions with consensus, also he has planned strategies to get over with this deadly disease as quickly as possible.

The decision to allow resuming businesses in a prescribed time that was from early morning to 5:00 pm was given out in order to avoid the crowd in the markets.

Shibli Faraz further added that the decisions are required to be made after viewing the developments in the coronavirus and also the availability of the resources in our country. Countries with strong healthcare facilities and economies are even failing to control the spread of COVID-19.

 According to him, specific segments of society should be checked where the head of the family cannot sit at home because of the non-availability of food for his family members.

The Federal Minister for information says that the Prime Minister is thinking about those who are facing a lot of issues due to the lockdown.

Shibli Faraz, while answering a question said that the media is responsible to raise questions and to respond to the queries as they hold a public position.

He asked them to raise questions for inspecting the worsened condition of the hospitals in the province and also for the non-availability of the anti-rabies vaccines in order to treat patients coming with the cases of dog bites.

Moreover, the federal minister also urged the media to raise their voices for the progress of the investigation of the murder case of  Aziz Memon journalist.

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