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Sheikh Rashid Donates Lal Haveli for a University


An announcement has been made by the Federal Minister for Railways Shiekh Rasheed Ahmed that he will donate his famous residence Lal Haveli for a university.

The Railway Minister revealed that Lal Haveli was the same place where he used to sell books in his childhood.

There is historical significance attached to Lal Haveli. A member of a rich Hindu family in Jehlum, Dhan Raj Saigol built it.

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He built it for his mistress Budhan Bai. Bai was a pretty dancing girl from Sialkot. Saigol gifted the Lal Haveli to Budhan Bai when he left for India almost a century ago.

A mosque and a temple was built in the Haveli by Dhan Raj. He built the temple for his own worship while the mosque for Budhan Bai. Till before the independence of Pakistan, this place remained her residence. Then when her brother got murdered she left the place.

The Haveli is located in the central part of Rawalpindi near Raja Bazar. Sheikh Rasheed was a bookseller in the area. He was infatuated by the building that led him to later purchase it when he had the means to do it. Now he has decided to turn the Haveli in to a university which is a step that must be appreciated.