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Sheikh Rasheed Wants to Sell Railway Land for Overcoming Deficit

Railway land

Sheikh Rasheed—the Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways has said that he would be requesting the Prime Minister (PM)—Imran Khan to issue an ordinance for the sale of Pakistan Railway land for overcoming deficit.

On Saturday, while addressing a press conference Sheikh Rasheed said that the Prime Minister had already asked for a report about the railway land in the span of fifteen days.

He said that the Prime Minister’s approval would be looked up for the hiring of twenty-three thousand employees in the railways. He further said that nearly ten thousand skilled workers were required on an immediate basis for the betterment of the services.

Sheikh Rasheed also said that unfortunately, the previous government had spent excessive amounts on the renovation of the railway stations and further said that the task could have been completed with a much-reduced amount, however, rupees four hundred million was spent on each station.

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He said that they would be bringing private partners and builders for the purpose of renovation and upgradation of the railway stations. He also said that the performance of the railway hospitals was very poor, which he informed would be given over to the private sector on the partnership basis of public-private.

The railway minister added that he is in touch with the Army Medical Corps administration regarding the matter so that they may take the charge of the hospitals and better treatment facilities could be given to the employees at reasonable rates.

He also disclosed about two more upgraded trains—the Moenjodaro Express and the Rohi Express, he said they would be becoming operational soon. He said that the main target of the present railway administration would be on the improvement of the freight sector as it was its lifeline.

Sheikh Rasheed added that one or two freight trains would be privatized on a testing basis for the improvement of the freight sector.

He claimed to bring a visible change in the railway within a hundred days.

The minister said that it has been requested to the prime minister to revise the scale of the railway labourers.

He also claimed to provide Wi-Fi and tracking system facilities in trains within a hundred days’ time.

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