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Sheikh Rasheed Says if Given Choice He Would Bar the Use of Smartphones


Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Minister for Railways said that the youth of the nation should decrease the smartphones usage and should develop a pattern of sleeping early. He gave these remarks while he was addressing the audience during a program at the Women’s College Rawalpindi.

He also made a comparison between boys and girls regarding their level of interest in education and said that the girls are more competent as they get admissions at a score of 750 in an educational institution, unlike boys who get the admission at 450 marks.

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The Minister for Railways is famous for making controversial remarks said that he would have banned on the use of smartphones if he had the choice of doing so. He motivated the youngsters to sleep early at nights and not to get involved in the extra usage of mobile phones.

Sheikh Rasheed who loves to smoke cigars said that the educational institutes are being established on the plots allotted to him. He also informed that a contract of setting up a women’s college had also been delivered on the Sir Syed Road.

He also added that the nursing college and a hospital is in the process of making in Rawalpindi, and offered to make Lal Haveli, the political hub of Sheikh Rasheed part of the campus in case the college decided to extend and make their college a university.

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