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Sheikh Rasheed Hints at Another Cabinet Reshuffle

cabinet reshuffle

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the federal Minister for Railways has hinted about another possible cabinet reshuffle on Saturday. He said that the second cabinet reshuffle is expected soon after Eid.

The minister said that a trailer for the cabinet reshuffle would run. He added that one or two ministers would be changed in the trailer, as per the rumours.

Previously in the month of April, Prime Minister—Imran Khan appointed Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh as the Adviser on Finance, this was a major change in the cabinet reshuffle.

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The cabinet reshuffle came when there was immense pressure with rupee losing 30percent of its value since the beginning of 2018, hence giving a boost to inflation.

The cabinet reshuffle came few hours after Asad Umar—the ex-Finance Minister resigned from his post.

On the other hand, as Eid-ul-Fitr is drawing closer in a gesture of humanity and love for fellow brothers, a Faisalabad store owner has made the decision of giving free clothes to the less prevulidged of the society who could not afford to buy new clothes.

This decision is inspirational for all. He even suggests others to divide their budget and give out to the poor as per much as they could for making the Eid of the poor ones special too.

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