Sheikh Rasheed Announces Pak-Afghan Train Service

Pak-Afghan Train Service

Shiekh Rasheed-the Minister for Railways has announced the Pak-Afghan train service. He said that there are plans of linking Pakistan with Afghanistan via the railway by spreading a track from Chaman to Spin Boldak, the first Afghan town that is near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As per the available details, the minister shared this while he was speaking at a press conference after he reached Quetta on a 2-day visit.

He said that in the initial phase Pakistan would be laying a nearly eleven-kilometer-long railway track from the Chaman to Spin Boldak. He further added that a survey had been conducted in this matter and preparations for the PC-1 of the project were also under progress.

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Qasim Suri-the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and senior officials of the Pakistan Railways were present on the occasion.

Sheikh Rasheed also mentioned that after the railway track would be built between Chaman and the Afghan border town of Spin Boldak, Pakistan would then be ready to extend the track farther from there to Kandahar if the government of Afghanistan would show their willingness.

The minister said that the linking of the countries via the rail track would prove effective in terms of promoting the trade between the two nations.

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