Sheikh Rasheed Announces a 10percent Reduction in Freight Train Fares

freight train fares

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Federal Minister for Railways on Thursday has made the announcement of a 10percent reduction in the freight train fares.

While addressing a news conference, he said that the fares of the freight trains are being decreased from midnight tonight.

The minister has given reassurance that his commitment to turn Railways into a profitable institution by entirely getting over its deficit within 3 years. He also said that Pakistan is the only nation in the world where the passenger trains are producing profits.

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He also said that the Main Line One, which envisaged 1,872-kilometre-long new track from Karachi to Lahore, would be an iconic project in the 72-year history of the nation. It would be generating 1,000,000 job opportunities.

Previously on the 17th of November, the Minister for Railways had inaugurated the steam Safari special train in Rawalpindi for promoting tourism in Pakistan.

While talking to media after the inauguration of the new train, he had said that it would be helping in boosting tourism in the nation.

In the initial phase, the Safari Train would be operating from Rawalpindi to Golram. The main purpose of the train was to project the culture, heritage, civilization and worth seeing beautiful places of Pakistan before the world.

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