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Sheesha Offering Cafes were Raided in Islamabad

In the Federal capital on Friday a raid operation was conducted by the authorities in the different cafes of the Bahria Town selling Sheesha and around thirteen people were arrested. The police team was led by a magistrate. They also confiscated at least twenty-two waterpipes and twenty-seven pipes from the two cafes along with the packets of flavours.

Sheesha could be referred to as the Hookah or tobacco mixture smoked in a hookah. There are many flavours available these days to add more craziness to the Sheesha experience like the Bubble Gum Flavour, the Apricot flavour, the Mint flavour, Cherry flavour and many more.

Sheesha is a sensation that is booming since some years especially among the youngsters. Seeing the rise of this activity people have opened many small cafes just for providing the Sheesha facility. There are even shops selling the entire equipment and tools used for making and setting up the sheesha. Some people have even bought the whole sheesha assembly and they smoke it in their homes.

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Sheesha is bad for health. It is not a practice that should be encouraged in any way. The inclination that youth show towards it is alarming and needs to be dealt with on immediate basis.

The raids were done under the supervision of Magistrate—Abdul Hadi and Sihala—the sub-divisional police officer and SHO—Lohi Bher.

The Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICT) officials informed that the sale of Sheesha is banned under the Ordinance Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Health 2002.

They mentioned that the raids conducted in the Bahria Town were in the authority of Lohi Bher police station.

The waterpipes and other tools used in the sheesha were confiscated from at least two cafes namely the Bliss Lounge and the Frosty Terrace.

The people arrested were taken to the Lohi Bher police station for further legal actions and formalities.

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