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SHC Takes Notice of the “Strange Punishments” Granted by Karachi Courts

Ahmed Ali Sheikh—Chief Justice—Sindh High Court (SHC) has taken an initiative to take notice against the most bizarre kind of punishments being awarded by the Karachi session courts as per the reports of a local newspaper on Saturday.

The high court had demanded detailed reports for all such awarded punishments from the district session courts.

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For example, there was a man arrested for the possession of the illegal weapon he was given the punishment of offering daily congregational prayers for three years. This punishment was given by Haleem Ahmed, a session, and additional district judge.

There was another instance when a man who hit a traffic Sergeant with his motorbike was given the punishment of holding a placard on speed awareness once a week for two hours for the entire year. This punishment again was given by a judicial magistrate of Karachi.

Disturbed by these strange kinds of punishments which in no way complies with the law the Chief Justice of Singh High Court said that these punishments are violating the basic human rights and are also insulting the judiciary.

Absurd may the punishments be but for sure they have triggered the judicial system and have brought some fun to the boring prevalent system. But seriously, this is wrong as it is not abiding by the High Court’s standards.

Moreover, such charges would only be taken as fun and lightly both by the culprit and others resulting in an increase of crimes knowing that the punishments are lenient. These activities if coupled with some strict measure or verdict would not only be keeping things interesting but would also be teaching a good lifetime lesson to the culprit.

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