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SHC Bars Private Institutions from Expelling Students over Non-Payment of Fees

Private education institutes have been barred by Sindh High Court (SHC) from expelling students who fail to pay their fees amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

After hearing the initial arguments of the Sindh Additional Advocate General Barrister Salman Talibuddin, filing on behalf of the Sindh government, accepted the petition to be formally heard and issued the directive.

The Sindh High Court expressed its concern regarding the increase in private institutions in Sindh. Also, it took several actions in this regard.

The development outside the court was revealed by Talibuddin.

“No coercive action shall be taken against any of the students in case of non-payment of full tuition fees.”

The decision will come in to effect immediately as per the authorities. If it is not complied strict action will be taken against the violators.

This decision will aid the people in the province who are not able to afford to pay high fesses of private institutions owing to negligible economic activities.

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Earlier on 30th April, the court dismissed the petition filed by private school owners against the decision of Sindh government of granting 20% fee concession to the students staying at home due to lockdown. Private institutions were compelled to grant 20% fee concession to all the students.

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