Sham Idrees Accident – Real or Fake?

Who makes a video of their own life-threatening accident?

This is not the question we are asking, it is the question asked by thousands of Sham Idrees Followers. They are even questioning the authenticity of an accident he recently encountered.

The popular UK-based Pakistani comedian and vlogger suffered injuries as he and his friend Froggy faced a terrible car accident.

They posted a video of their accident and here it is.

Here is what people are saying.

People are questioning the authenticity of this accident for three reasons. One, because rarely do you witnesses an accident sufferer making his own video. Two, the foreground and background of the video do not synchronize, thus raising questions about the genuineness of the video. Thirdly everyone is reporting about Sham Idrees who suffered from a horrific accident, why such a huge accident has not been reported on any international or national news. What about other sufferers? We can clearly see many other cars on the road that are part of this terrible accident but no humans, which is again questionable.

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Furthermore, a statement has been issued on Sham Idrees page which says, “Sham has suffered injuries on his tongue, leg and right hand. Froggy has a concussion and right foot is hurt. Chuchi has some minor bruising. They are still in the hospital but doing much better Alhamdulillah.”

And we ask again so many injuries suffered, yet the video was made of the accident.

We hope for a speedy recovery for Sham Idrees and his friends, hoping that this was not one big prank by the comedian.

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