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Shahrukh Khan’s Signature Pose Used for Social Cause

Shahrukh Khan—the King of Bollywood has been an inspiring figure for many and have been ruling the Bollywood for many years. Recently Shahrukh Khan’s signature pose was used by an Indian police officer for a social cause.

SRK and his signature pose is an inspiration for a lot of people out there especially when it comes to expressing their love, however, this time his universal pose was used for an entirely different cause and that is for the management of traffic rules.

An Indian police officer from the Assam police used a different curve of SRK’s pose on a traffic poster for capturing the attention of the Indian citizens so that they may abide by the traffic rules.

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The poster mentioned all to abide by the traffic rules. The picture was shared on social media by police representative and received appreciation from the social media users. They applauded the police officer for making use of SRK’s iconic pose as a signature move for a much bigger and appropriate cause.

The step was not just appreciated by the Twitteratis only, even King Khan tweeted honouring the step and wrote that as per him this is the best message delivered by this pose.

Assam police were grateful to Shahrukh Khan for his immediate and appreciative response on social media. They also tweeted that a lot could happen if the traffic rules are neglected.

Making use of stuff that people love, appreciate and follow is indeed a good initiative for encouraging people to abide by the rules. It not only motivates people for following the instructions but also keep them amused.

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