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Shahid Afridi Promises to Restore a Public Library in KPK


Shahid Afridi former Pakistan Cricket team captain said that he is going to refurbish a public library in District Tank Khyber PK.

In August, pictures were rotating all around the social media of that public library which has completely turned into a garbage dump.  

This library has remained closed for the past fifteen years. Therefore. Shahid Afridi promised to restore the library with the help of his foundation.

The former cricketer announced this new venture and also at the same time stressed upon the importance of books and reading for a society.

According to him, when a book can open up a window to a new world, imagine how the universe will unfold with an entire library.

Afridi further stated that the Tank’s library shows a decline in our national priorities. Hence, he encourages everyone to safeguard our educational heritage and also to nourish it.

He says that our homes must have many books and also books must have more homes.

The Arab News reports say that libraries are significant for all boys and girls. Moreover, the report said that education is very important for the development of states. The literacy rate in Pakistan is very high. Around thirty million children are not going to schools.

According to the Arab News report, the library was built in the 1970s and was subjected to negligence because the local administration didn’t have any earnings to maintain it.

Khyber PK’s district Tank is the poorest area of Pakistan. The district is also a part of the Dera Ismail Khan Division and a gateway to the South Waziristan tribal district.

The district is also experiencing many other development issues like the lack of water.

Shahid Afridi stated that his foundation is going to restore the educational sector of Tank and as well as it is going to work for the provision of clean water.  

 He also plans to establish a cricket academy in the district as the region has a lot of talent but no such facilities are available for the youth.

Dr.Taher Javed former district health officer of Tank said that the people living in that district are going to be grateful to Afridi for revamping their public library.

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