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Shahid Afridi And Salman Khan Seen Together in Canada

Pakistan’s famous cricketer—Shahid Afridi was recently seen with the Dabangg Khan of Bollywood—Salman Khan at an event in Canada and the fans are simply getting gaga over it. Both the celebrity stars are working for the betterment of the less privileged people and they have been taking an active part in many events for the gathering of funds for their respective organizations.

Shahid Afridi is working hard for his revolutionary organization— “Shahid Afridi Foundation” and Salman Khan is participating regularly at different events for his “Hope Uplift” foundation throughout the world.

The cricketer is presently in Canada for playing for the Edmonton Royals in Global T20 Canada Cricket League. At the same time, Afridi has also collected the golden opportunity of promoting his mission in the North American land. Whereas, Salman Khan was also present for the noble cause in Canada and both the celebrity superstars met backstage and were seen having quality time together chanting and sharing the lighter moments.

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The well-loved Pakistani heartthrob also shared about his amazing experience of meeting Salman Khan in his Twitter’s post. Shahid Afridi was super glad at meeting the Bollywood Khan and wished him all the best for all his future projects and aims.

The moment the ex-skipper shared the photos on social media, the fans and followers started posting their comments and shared their joy and love for both the stars.

People were excited and pleased to see the duo together.

The “Shahid Afridi Foundation” was founded in March 2014 with the aim of providing relief to the humanity via better education and healthcare facilities.

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