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Shaheen Airlines flight operations scandal with FBR

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) froze the account of Shaheen Air International (SAI) and ordered it to halt its operations immediately. It is because Shaheen Airline did not pay its taxes and duties.

Now as per another news source FBR has allowed restoration of flight operation of Shaheen Airline as it has agreed to pay its taxes and both the organizations have come to a consensus.

Earlier FBR sources confirmed that Shaheen Airline has not been paying taxes, specifically Federal Excise Duty for past 2 months. The amount that the airline has not paid almost amounts to 700 million. Many notices have been given to FBR that have been totally ignored by the airline.

As per sources, “SAI gave no response of the notices. They neither replied in writing nor did they pay the duties.”

Civil Aviation Authority was also asked by FBR to stop the operations of the airline as it is not following any rules and regulations.

When the duration of legal notices ended, FBR finally froze an account of Shaheen Airline and took out Rs. 22 million.

Now whether both companies have to come to a consensus or not will be confirmed soon.

SAI, Zohaib Hassan an official of the airline has denied any issues with FBR. He says FBR took no action against the airline neither is the news on the airline not paying its taxes, true. He did confirm though that FBR has written a letter to CAA.

Zohaib Hassan said, “FBR has written a letter to CAA to stop the flight operations but they withdrew the letter afterward.”

There have been conflicts of Shaheen Airline with CAA, SIB and now FBR which makes us wonder about the future of Shaheen Airline.

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