Shaheen Airline Owners Flee Abroad

shaheen air

The Civil Aviation Authority asked the Interior Ministry to place the names of the owners of Shaheen Air on the Exit Control List (ECL). However, the Shaheen Air International owners have fled abroad. Since October the local and international operations of Shaheen Air International have suspended. Over 2800 employees of the airline have been asking salaries for past many months.

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A CAA official said, “We had written to the interior ministry in September last to immediately place on the ECL the names of SAI Chairman Kashif Mehmud Sehbai and Chief Executive Officer Ehsan Khalid Sehbai as they may flee Pakistan. However, our request was not entertained by the authorities concerned and both owners of the SAI managed to leave the country.”

Adding, “We have moved the court against the airline for the recovery of the dues.”

Furthermore the official also said that if the owners of Shaheen Air were in Pakistan it would have beeneasier to get the dues and salaries back from them.

About the 8 planes of Shaheen Air in the possession of SAI the official said, “No, these planes are grounded for their poor condition and the CAA will charge the SAI for using itsparking.”

Furthermore, the acting CEO of SAI Javed Sehbai said that the airline will clear liability if the CAA permit it to continue the operations.

Adding, “We have not said we will not clear our liability. The SAI owners had gone abroad to arrange funds for the purpose. We request the CAA to let us resume the SAI flight operations so that we could pay (outstanding) salaries to the staff.”

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