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Shaheen Air to Give Monetary Compensation to the Affected Passengers

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Shaheen Air International is to pay monetary compensation to more than two hundred and fourteen affected passengers on the orders of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. These over 214 passengers were left stranded in China for more than a week after their flight was abruptly annulled. The flight was cancelled following a payment clash between the Civil Aviation Authority and the Shaheen Air.

After remaining stuck at the Chinese Airport of Guangzhou since the 29th of July, the passengers were finally brought back to Pakistan through a Shaheen Air flight on Monday morning.

The affected passengers were said to have faced a lot of troubles in mid of the blame game between the CAA and Shaheen Air authorities. Some passengers were even reported to get sick as they just wanted to get back home.

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A three-member bench of the apex court led by the Mian Saqib Nisar—the CJP resumed hearing its Suo moto notice on the issue today. The Supreme Court last week instructed the airline to make sure that all the stuck passengers are brought back to home by Monday and that they are compensated justly.

As the hearing session progressed, the chief justice mentioned that the affected passengers had suffered out of the ordinary mental strain by being left at the China airport for so many days, he ordered the airline to give monetary compensation to all the stranded passengers.

The chief executive of the airline who was summoned before the bench today said that the airline could give rupees five million in compensation and asked the court for defining an amount for the purpose of compensation.

Justice Nisar stated that the airline should pay 0.1 million to each passenger who was affected.

The CEO of Shaheen Air replied that he would consult with the airline’s finance department and accused the Civil Aviation Authority of all the chaos. He also told the bench that the airline had bared all the expenses of the passengers.

The CJP remarked that many of the passengers were forced to lend money, while the embassy also provided some assistance to them.

Mian Saqib Nisar then directed the airline official to inform the court until the 20th of August regarding how much money the airline would be paying to the affected passengers in compensation. He also ordered to explain the court of the clash with the CAA in a written form.

The court was postponed until the next hearing session which is to be held on the 20th of August.

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