Shaheen Air Passengers Stuck at Chinese Airport for over 18 hours – Research Snipers

Shaheen Air Passengers Stuck at Chinese Airport for over 18 hours

Shaheen Air passengers have been stuck at China’s Guangzhou airport for over 18 hours. The Shaheen Air travelers that were going to Lahore from the Chinese Airport remain stranded at the airport on Friday as the flight got delayed.

As per the travelers, the staff of the airline was not responding to the questions. As the passengers asked when the flight will take off the airline staff remained ignorant.

Almost 300 Shaheen Air passengers were stranded at the airport including women, kids, and students.

The passengers said that the Shaheen airline was not refunding their money. A few of the passengers also said that their visa was expiring.

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Shaheen Air said that it is contacting the Civil Aviation Authority the aviation regulator to resolve the current issue.

Shaheen Air had to pay Rs 100 million to pay off its dues in 10 days time. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had announced the partial suspension of Shaheen Air routes from and to Saudi Arabia due to non-payment of Rs1.5 billion. Initially, CAA suspended all the international flights of Shaheen Air except for the flights headed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.