Shaheen Air International to Close Soon?

shaheen air

It has been reported that Shaheen Air International is on the verge of closure as the Saudi Prince who was the potential purchaser of the airline has backed out of the deal. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) hinted about this in a recent statement, even though it has not been officially announced.

Shaheen Air International CMO Zohaib Hassan said, “Shaheen Air has not announced any precise closure, but its offices have been shut for the past two weeks.”

He said that they are still waiting for the reopening of the airline. Another employee of Shaheen Air who wanted to remain anonymous said that after the Saudi Prince heard about the cases against the airline, he decided to withdraw from it.

He said, “One can sense by the fact that the offices of the business, one is going to invest in, are sealed by the authorities, they are not happy, why would one want to mess with them.”

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It is pertinent to tell our readers that the airline in big trouble, with a debt of PKR 1.36 billion to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Its Regular Public Transport License (RPTL) was canceled by Civil Aviation Authority earlier in 2018. Furthermore, the airline was not able to pay Rs 1.4 billion thus the Federal Board of Revenue sealed the airline head office

Furthermore following the non-payment of dues the airline’s head office and hangar premises were vacated, thus it seems that the airline would have to close its services.

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