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Shaheen Air International Starts Flight Operations on New Routes

Shaheen Air International has started new routes, beginning its first ever flights between Faisalabad & Sharjah, and Lahore & Medina. This initiation has begun from October 30th. The airline will fly from Karachi, Lahore, and Faisalabad to Medina, Sharjah, and Jeddah. On October 30th the first Shaheen Airline flight between Sharjah & Faisalabad bearing flight number NL798-799 and between Medina and Lahore bearing flight number NL703-704 successfully conducted its operations.

From November 16, the flights from Karachi to Medina bearing flight number NL707-708 will begin operations. Also from November 18 flights from Faisalabad to Jeddah bearing flight number NL773-774 will begin operations.

Zohaib Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Shaheen Air International said, “Shaheen Air International is continuously working on increasing its portfolio from every city in the country so that our people can have the comfort of flying anywhere in the world. Our continuous growth has been achieved against all odds and is a testament to our commitment to the local aviation industry and its passengers.”

Before this Shaheen Air brought advancement in its fleet by including six Airbus A319s, while one more is expected to join the ranks in 2017.

On the flip side, the airline went through a controversy with FBR on not paying its taxes on time. FBR ordered the airline to halt its operations but later allowed it as both the parties came to some consensus.

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