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Shaheen Air expands its air domain


Shaheen Air International (SAI) has added a fifth Airbus A319 to its armada. The new airbus empowers the airline to extend its neighborhood and universal courses, while keeping up their standard of aeronautics for travelers. This is a private airline in competition to PIA in Pakistan.

Shaheen Air is quickly becoming consumer choice against PIA

The Airbus A319 has been exceptionally fitted with thin and direct seats to give added solace to travelers. Because of this, it can oblige around 150 travelers in its all-economy section. It has a fresh out of the plastic new inside, in this way giving a refreshing background to individuals going by Shaheen Air.
Upon induction of the new air ship, Zohaib Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Shaheen Air International remarked:

“The addition of a fifth Airbus to our fleet will help us enhance our exceptional service standards for our valued passengers. It will not only expand our horizons both domestically and internationally, but also ensure top class hospitality in the sky.”

Not long ago, Shaheen introduced mark restoration by launching its new logo. The carrier started its adventure as Pakistan’s first private aircraft 24 years back. This carrier sees itself as Pakistan’s second greatest national air bearer with 26 air ships under its wing.
The carrier is additionally slated to get two more Airbus A319 in the coming months.

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