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Shaan Wants Stories on TV about Mohammad Bin Qasim and Jinnah


Shaan, the Pakistan actor cum director wants PM Khan to promote the local stories and heroes instead of broadcasting the Turkish soaps.

He took it to Twitter and said that from Mohammad Bin Qasim till Mohammad Ali Jinnah we have a lot of heroes and stories to tell about, regarding our history and struggles.

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On the request of PM Khan, the Turkish soap Dirilis: Ertugrul is being on-aired on PTV, which chronicles the life of the Muslim warrior. The drama has got 179 episodes. The drama has been dubbed in the Urdu language.

As per the Prime Minister of Pakistan, by watching the show the country’s youth will be able to learn about Islamic history and ethics.

Previously, Shaan had tweeted at Senator Faisal Javed and asked him to focus on the history of Pakistan and its heroes rather than focusing on the Turks. Alongside, appreciating the announcement made by the Senator, the Lollywood actor urged PTV to produce epics like this.

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