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Shaan Wants Pakistan to Make Epics About Local Heroes

epics about local heroes

Shaan, the famous actor, and the director is not so happy about the Turkish epic on Ertugrul Gazi being broadcasted on PTV during this Ramazan.

At the request of PM Khan, the Turkish drama revolves around the life of the Muslim warrior. It has been on-airing on Pakistan Television on daily basis ever since the commencement of the holy month. The 179 episode drama series, whose original title is—Dirilis Ertugrul, has been dubbed in Urdu.

As per PM Khan, by watching this soap the youth will learn about Islamic ethics and history.

On Friday, Shaan posted a sarcastic remark regarding the show. He shared a photograph of a protective face mask and wrote that he bought that mask for Rs.2,500 although its worth is Rs.160.

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He further wrote that this is what happens in the month of Ramazan, high prices of the life saving commodities and food items touch skies. He maintained that after watching the Turkish Islamic history and learning all the good words and deeds that is actually what is being practice.

Previously, the actor cum director had made a tweet at Senator Faisal Javed, who is chairperson of the standing committee on broadcasting and heritage, and asked him to keep focus on the history of Pakistan and its heroes rather than on the Turks.

He lauded the announcement that was made by the Senator and said that PTV should also produce epics like this.

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