Sexual Harassment Incidents – Pakistani Students Exposing the Teachers on Social Media

Since the #Metoo campaign started it has brought a revolution all around the globe. People are not silent anymore. They are not ashamed anymore. They know their rights, they finally realize that inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. To minimize sexual harassment it is important that you expose the culprits.

It takes immense courage to speak and that is the change we are witnessing in Pakistani society.

In just a couple of months, many teachers have been exposed by students of different colleges and universities.

Karachi University professor was exposed by his students for sexually harassing them. One student said that “When I declined his requests to meet, he said he would fail me.”

Another student said that he wanted to meet her alone. She said, “I was so scared I didn’t go to university for a week. I changed my phone number and blocked him on Facebook.”

Then the Head Master of a Government Primary School in Kotli Satyan got exposed for sexually harassing a child. The father reported to the police that, “I saw my daughter not getting ready to go to school in the morning on April 26, 2018. When I asked her as to why she was not going to school she disclosed that the Head Master, had been making physical access on her for some time. On April 25 the Head Master called girl student to his office on the pretext of wanting to know if she had learned her lessons well. But instead he tried to make sexual advances to which she resisted and raised hue and cry.”

Then an ex-Cedar student Marium exposed another harasser Hamza Zaeem on social media.

She wrote on a friend’s post


Then the mother of Marium recently took to social media to share how her daughter was assaulted in Cedar College. She wrote, “I feel Cedar issued their “apology” to save face, period. To quote Cedar, they “want to apologize to everyone who “feels” (inverted commas are mine) that we [Cedar] did not do enough about these cases or provide enough support to those affected”. So Cedar admin is not apologizing for not doing enough, they are apologizing to people who feel let down. Hence they believe the entire grievance is purely subjective, bereft of any objectivity.”

Certain events have unfolded over the past few days and I feel that it is imperative that I take charge of the narrative…

Posted by Javeria Saad on Sunday, May 13, 2018


A girl from Karachi’s PAF Chapter shared her story exposing how her biology, physics and socio teachers sexually harassed her.

Here is the story


I have been posting for my friends anonymously but you know what. Why should we be afraid? Why should we be silent? I'm…

Posted by Nida Fatima on Saturday, May 12, 2018

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