Several killed in shooting at the Newspapers office in Maryland – Research Snipers

Several killed in shooting at the Newspapers office in Maryland

The building that houses the capital Gazette, a daily newspaper published in Annapolis east of Washington was overrun by the shooter, the incident left several dead at the newspaper’s office.

A reporter for Capital Gazette, Phil Davis, tweeted, “gunman shot through the glass door and opened fire at several employees.” Several people were killed according to him.

He also said, “There is nothing more terrifying than you see multiple people got shot hiding under your desk and you hear the shooter reloads.”

According to CBS News, up to four people have been killed so far in the incident, but ABC news confirms that there were five fatalities, and at least three injured. The suspect was a white male with a shotgun and no further identification and unknown motives behind the killing.

The white house said that President Donald Trump had been briefed about the incident, President also tweeted after the incident paying condolences to the victims and their loved ones.

But journalists were furious after this incident, Adam Lynn from newstribune said in a tweet, “We’re paid for shit. We work like dogs. People, including the president, disparage us at every opportunity. Now they’re shooting us down in our newsrooms.  I’ll still be back tomorrow. Because of the people at the #CapitalGazette matter. My colleagues mater. Journalism matters.”

Another journalist Marry Emily O Hara blamed President Donald Trump for calling journalists ‘enemy of the people’ she inferred that this incident happened after Trump labeled journalists with enemy ‘tag’. The journalist was indirectly pointing the finger at Mr. President.