Seven crocodiles reportedly escaped from a farmhouse in Karachi – Research Snipers

Seven crocodiles reportedly escaped from a farmhouse in Karachi

It has been reported that as many as seven crocodiles have been escaped from a farmhouse in Steel Town of Karachi.

According to the details, the police officials, with the help of the Wildlife department staff, traced and captured five of the seven fugitive crocodiles while two are still missing.

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The management of the farmhouse called the police department and other concerned departments of the government for help to find and bring them back after the seven crocs escaped from the farmhouse.

“All crocodiles were present at the farmhouse. They fled from the animal home after a wall of the premises collapsed during rainfall this morning,” the management of the farmhouse told the police.

The officials of the Sindh police department said that two crocodiles are still missing as the rainwater standing at various places in the area after the rainfall. The police department is still trying to find the missing two crocs.

No reports received about the crocodiles injuring any person, police officials added.