September 2017: Suzuki Pakistan Leads Car Sales


PAMA, Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association has issued data on sales and production of locally assembled cars for September 2017.

Suzuki Pakistan sold 1511 units of Suzuki Cultus in September 2017 while last year same month it sold 1132 units. So Suzuki Pakistan has seen the rise of 33.48% in its sale. Moreover, Suzuki WagonR sales also increased as this year in September 1652 units are sold while in the previous year, same month Suzuki sold 1033 units of WagonR. So sales increased by 59.92%.

As per the statistics sales of Honda Car for the month September 2017 didn’t go up much. 2,769 Civic and City cars were sold by Honda in September 2017 while last year in same month Honda sold 2764 units. This means that in comparison to last year Honda just sold 5 more cars this year.

The production of Honda Cars has increased though. This year in September the company produced 2903 cars while last year in September the company manufactured 2,521 cars so car production has gone up.

Now we come to Toyota Pakistan. Sales of Toyota Corolla cars in September 2017 were 4,108 units while last year in September it sold 4,405 cars. So the company has seen a decline in comparison to both months. It sold 342 fewer cars this September compared to last September. 674% sales have decreased of Toyota Corolla cars.

Now Honda sales include combined sales of both its sedans while Toyota is just selling Corolla in Sedan category.

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Overall car sale increased by 11.01% but the growth of Suzuki Pakistan is commendable.