Separate Lanes on Roads in Plans for The Motorcyclists, Buses

separate lanes

It has been decided by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority that separate lanes would be introduced for the motorcyclists and slow-moving vehicles in the city. The project would be launched on the Canal Road and Mall Road Lahore.

As per the spokesperson of the Punjab Safe Cities Authority the project is being initiated to make the traffic system better on the instructions of the Chief Minister of Punjab—Usman Buzdar.

Separate lanes would be dedicated on the roads of the provincial capital of Punjab for the fast- and slow-moving automobiles like bicycles, rickshaws, and motorcycles for maintaining the smooth flow of traffic.

Such lanes would help in decreasing the number of accidents and this project would be an initiative towards traffic reforms in the city as informed by the spokesperson.

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Initially, the Green Lane pilot project would be started from the Mall and Canal Road, in which small automobiles would be urged on the left lane on these chosen roads. In this matter, a meeting was held in the safe cities headquarter where the stakeholders from all the concerned departments took part.

Traffic Engineering & Planning Agency—TEPA representatives, the officials of the City Traffic Police (CTP), local government and representatives from other departments made sure of their maximum cooperation for the early completion of the project.

The Commissioner of Lahore has assured that full support would be given for the timely completion of the project as informed by the spokesperson. It was told that the Punjab Safe Cities Authority and Lahore City Traffic Police would work in harmony for assuring lane discipline in the city.

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