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Senior Google Executive to Head Pakistan’s Digitization Initiative

senior Google executive

The government as got the plans of taking on board a female Senior Google executive for placing the digitization initiative from the Office of the Prime Minister on a fast track.

The senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf—Jahangir Tareen shared this news in an interview.

He also said that the government has placed a lot of effort for making this happen.

The minister said that for taking her responsibilities in Pakistan she has resigned from her job in Singapore as the senior Google executive.

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Tareen said that the measure would be under the Strategic Reform Implementation Unit—SRIU from the Prime Minister’s Office.

He said that she would be providing a layout for the projects with her expertise and knowledge, the technology sector would be reaching new heights. She would be working for modernizing the databases, assisting the digital entrepreneurs and making the digital payments much more effective and easier.

He concluded that if they want to compete with the modern world they must invest in the new technologies and digital system. And added that with the grace of God they would accomplish this task.

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