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Senate Passes Resolution to Conduct CSS Exams in Urdu

CSS Exams

The Senate has passed a resolution permitting candidates to take the Central Superior Services (CSS) exams in Urdu as well.

Siraj-ul-Haq the Chief Maulana Jamat-e-Islami has presented a resolution in the Upper House on Monday which was passed without any opposition. On the occasion, Siraj-ul-Haq said that many developed nations promote their own language over English which includes Japan and China and Pakistan must also follow the lead.

He added that only 5percent of candidates could pass the compulsory subjects of non-proficiency in English.

The idea was given complete support by Ali Muhammad Khan—the State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs who said that the candidates should be given permission to take CSS exams in a language of their personal choice.

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He also said that there were 6 compulsory and 45 optional subjects in the CSS exam. But all the compulsory subjects were being taught in English at the universities.

Later, the Senate passed the resolution to add Urdu as an optional language for the CSS exam alongside English.

It is to be noted that the Lahore High Court in 2017 had also given the same judgement, directing the FPSC to take CSS examinations in Urdu from 2018.

The news has received various responses on social media. Some people referred to the move as a “game changer” for many candidates and a good way of promoting the national language, others believed that it was a wasted effort.

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