Self-Driving Garbage Cans and Noise Monitors—A Part of Smart City Project

smart city

The Sidewalk Labs of Alphabet has offered more details on the technology it plans to use for the development of a futuristic smart city in Toronto, which includes the self-driving garbage cans and the infra-red sensors for tracking the foot traffic in stores, as per a document released by the firm on Friday.

Google-owned Sidewalk launched a 483-page document in response to the criticism from an arm of the government-mandated body forming the project that asked for the initial proposal.

Waterfront Toronto, the agency handling the development of the waterfront area of the biggest city of Canada, have given a tentative approval to the project 2 weeks after Sidewalk made the agreement to walk back to its original proposals, which includes placing all the collected data into an Urban Data Trust, which critics said would not be subject to adequate oversight.

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The twelve acre-project, that is close to the central business district of Toronto, would feature the adaptive street design and responsive sounds for helping the blind people in finding their way around, as shown by the document.

The sidewalk would be implementing a pay-as-you-throw system of garbage deposition; it would have volume sensors installed on each bin for indicating when it should empty itself. There are also optical sensors that would permit each self-driving bin to make way through the public space.

It said that many of the services being proposed have already been fully or partially implemented in the current project in the different cities across the world.

Sidewalk said that the objective of this list is not just to describe the what and the why but also to cater the answers to how and why for each provided service.

The plan of Sidewalk to monitor the residents include tracking the noise level in the apartments to make sure that the tenants are sticking to an acceptable nuisance level, as indicated by the document.

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