Self-Check In Kiosk Introduced at New Islamabad International Airport

islamabad airport

Self-check-in Kiosk has been introduced at the New Islamabad International Airport. Kiosks are like free-standing computer screens. Travelers can check-in for their flight at a Kiosk and then attach their baggage tags and place their bags on the conveyor belt.

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This was posted on Facebook ‘New Islamabad International Airport Pakistan’ page. Also on Twitter, it was revealed that Kiosk has launched at New Islamabad airport.

Self Check-in Kiosk is an automated system that is provided in order to ensure that travelers avoid long queues at the usual Check-in counters operated by the crew.

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Now Islamabad Airport also offers self-check-in Kiosks. This will help the travelers in checking-in in on time. It will take time for the staff and travelers to adapt to this new technology. However, once they do get familiar with it, it will be quite beneficial. Time is of the essence, and adopting new technology helps in saving time.

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