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Seedless Mango Variety Introduced at Mango Festival in Islamabad

Seedless Mango Variety

A seedless mango variety was introduced at the 3-day Mango Festival on Friday in Islamabad.

The seedless variety was introduced at the festival at the Centaurus Mall alongside the other varieties of mangoes.

As per a university official, the seedless mango is under the development stage at the University of Multan and the research center has indicated that this variety could be promoted at the commercial level.

The seedless mango is a huge fruit with sufficient amount of pulp and its seed is very small. The species of this type of mango was developed accidentally at a private orchard in Shujabad area of Multan.

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The official said that they are experimenting with the variety and it could take 3 to 4 years to be finalized.

In the festival export quality, Sindhri mangoes measuring up to 750 grams each were displayed. The other varieties that were also showcased at the festival include Anwar Rathore, Dusari, Chanusa, and Langra. Many less popular varieties were also displayed which are exported.

The festival was arranged in collaboration with the Mango Research Institute Multan and Pir Mehr Al Shah Arid Agriculture University.

Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of mangoes with a cultivation land of more than 170 million hectares. The harvest of mangoes done in Pakistan accounts for more than 1.70million tonnes per annum out of which 64,112 tonnes are exported.

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