Security notifications menu of WhatsApp to be updated with a redesign


One of the best messaging apps available, WhatsApp, allows us a sneak peek at some of its planned features that are not yet available to normal users. While not all beta features are included in the stable release, a few small UI changes frequently do. One such minor cosmetic adjustment is being made to the Security notifications menu in the most recent beta version of WhatsApp, which includes some new language at the top and a larger font for the existing content.

According to WABetaInfo, the function is a part of WhatsApp beta for Android version, which started rolling out to signed-up customers this week via the Play Store. There are quite a few differences between the old and new user interfaces for the Security notifications page. The header picture has been updated, and the wording beneath it has been centered and reworded to say, “WhatsApp protects your privacy.”

With larger bullet points underneath it, the same disclaimer about the app’s end-to-end encryption capabilities is followed. The bullet points below, which describe WhatsApp features that cannot be viewed by developers or parent company, are given green symbols in place of the customary grey ones in the most recent stable version.

On my Google Pixel 6a, which is running WhatsApp beta version, the new look menu appears to be operational. Although it’s unlikely to change the way you use WhatsApp, this indicates a fresh focus in exposing the app’s security features, particularly at a time when awareness of governmental spying is at its highest level worldwide.

For WhatsApp users worldwide, this week has been a bit of a mixed bag due to an outage that prevented the app from operating normally. Fortunately, the chat app owned by Meta was able to restore service within a few hours. Aside from this brief incident, WhatsApp has now released a standalone Wear OS software that works with smartwatches that support Wear OS 3 and higher.

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