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Security Concerns Raised at the New Islamabad International Airport

The first mock flight successfully landed at the new Islamabad International airport or Liaquat Ali Khan International Airport. The official opening of the Airport will be on April 20th. But currently, there are many security concerns relating to the new Airport.

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In order to ensure safety and security of all travelers, around 500 airport security force personnel will be positioned at the New Islamabad International Airport. But the security officials at the new airport have raised some concerns.

The first concern is on the present situation of the funnel areas of the Islamabad Airport which are quite near the Motorway and lights can cause a security risk.

There are more than 85 security towers that have been established around the Islamabad airport for safety purposes but most of them don’t have basic amenities like toilets, no lighting etc.

A security official said, “No clean water is available to drink at the security towers, and it’s difficult to keep visual contact from the towers to the airport.”

Another issue is that the camp of security staff is 12 km away from the airport. This, as per the security officials, is a concerning factor. Rescue and evacuation system of the airport is also weak.  Furthermore, for the VIPs, there is no secondary route, which will not just raise traffic blockage but it is also a security concern.

A security official said, “The Benazir Bhutto International Airport was a smaller airport, which meant that security management was not so complicated. Considering the new airport is significantly larger, the security detail needs to be much more comprehensive. Given the fact that the location of the airport is also in an area where there have been reports of miscreant activities, security arrangements are not water-tight.”

Other than the hotel on the airport, post office services, ATMs and a flight kitchen is yet to be provided to the travelers. As per a PIA official, the flight kitchen at Benazir Bhutto International airport will be used to cook food and it will be transported in trucks to the new airport.