Sections of Motorway Closed Due to Dense Fog

Dense fog has forced the closure of several parts of the motorway. In many parts of Punjab travelling has become an issue as severe fog has engulfed areas of the province. Air and road traffic has been affected and different sections of motorway included Renala Khurd, Okara, Sahiwal, Chicha Watni and Mian Channu has closed.

Due to a lot of fog on the motorway the visibility is just 100 meters. It has forced the closure of M-1 from Rakshi to Peshawar.

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Many of the flights of private airlines and Pakistan International Airlines were affected because of the fog. They got delayed and diverted.

It has been advised to the motorists to use fog lights and in any case of emergency call 130 helplines for help.

Those who are travelling in this fog on Motorway for whatsoever reason must check these things beforehand. They should re-check their headlights, battery level, petrol, oil check, low beam, tyre air pressure to make sure that they encounter no hurdle while travelling. Remember that in fog, low beam is better than high beam. Take help of the road markings to guide you on your way. Also try not to change your lane too often as that also becomes a reason for accidents at times. Hazard lights are better to use in fog rather the normal tail lights. Also make sure you’re not driving too fast or using too much of brake. It is important that you yourself drive with caution under such situations to avoid any kind of accidents.  

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