Section 144 to be Imposed in Areas around Peshawar's Bacha Khan International Airport – Research Snipers

Section 144 to be Imposed in Areas around Peshawar’s Bacha Khan International Airport


Section 144 has been imposed for one month in areas surrounding the Bacha Khan International Airport in Peshawar. The areas include; Umar Gul Road, Pushtkhara, Shaheed Abad, Landi Ankhon Mohammad, Abdara, Bare Gate, Tehkal, and Customs Chowk.

In these areas, pigeon flying, aerial firing, laser lights, kites, and drones are banned by Mohammad Ali Asghar Peshawar’s Deputy Commissioner.

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A letter was issued for the imposition of section 144. As per the letter, if anyone violates the order then he/she will have to go through punishment under Section 188 of Pakistan’s Penal Code.

This decision has been made after hearing the complaint lodged by the airport authority according to which some people living in the areas around the airport were pointing laser lights on the incoming flights which can distract the pilot’s attention and can cause fatal accidents.

This year, around seven incidents have been reported which has scared the cockpit crew of not the domestic airlines but especially of the international airlines. All concerned authorities have been ordered to initiate a strict action plan in order to handle the situation.

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