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Second Qatar Visa Facilitation Centre Opened in Pakistan

second visa facilitation centre

Qatar has opened second visa facilitation centre in Karachi in a bid to make sure that visa processing made is easy and transparency is encouraged in the system. This measure would eventually be improving the labour rights of Pakistanis in Qatar.

The Director Visa Services Department—Major Abdullah Al-Khalifah—Qatar Ministry of Interiors along with Mishal Mohammad Al-Ansari—the Qatar Consul General in Karachi and the Minister of Sindh for Women Development—Syeda Shehla Raza were present at the centre on the inauguration day that was Saturday.

Qatar has insisted that the introduction of the new visa system would ensure complete transparency owing to the digitalisation of processes and completion of all the procedural needs before an applicant departs from Pakistan.

The work visa applicants planning to leave for Qatar would be required to sign the work agreement, and get their biometric data entered into the system and undergo medical test at the visa facilitation centre.

Previously, the visa centre was inaugurated in the federal capital.

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The opening of these visa centres would be increasing the transparency for assisting Qatar in its objective of improving labour rights and would also assist the Pakistani workers to avoid the fatigue of contacting the recruitment agents.

The recruitment agents are known for misleading people. For example, these agents tell the workers about a high salary package which the workers would actually not be receiving.

Major Abdullah Al-Khalifah said that Qatar follows by the international laws and believes in labour rights. He further added that the employer would be tolerating all the fees to be paid in Qatar and the workers would not be put under any extra burden.

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