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Second Cup Inaugurates New Branch on the Outskirts of Murree

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Second Cup—the famous well-known coffee retailer and café inaugurated its first branch in Pakistan some years back. It has at a rapid pace expanded to many new branches in the country.

Coffee lovers speak highly of the coffee and desserts offered at the café. The café has got at least 3 branches in the federal capital and more in the provincial capital of Punjab. Recently a new branch has just been opened in the Lower Topaz, Outskirts of Murree.

This branch of the coffee shop is one of the best in terms of its location as it is situated in such a place where one could sit and relax while sipping their coffee viewing the mountains and clouds.

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Second Cup is not the first coffee shop that has gotten a branch in Murree. Before them, Gloria Jeans and local coffee café like Hotspot also have got branches in the hill station.

It is always a welcoming thing to see big brands entering into Murree—which is one of the busiest tourists’ spots in the nation, especially during the summers.

Next time, whenever you visit Murree make sure to visit the amazing coffee house.

Second Cup is located in Murree at Islamabad—Murree Expy, Lower Topa.

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