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Seafood from Pakistan is Getting Popular in Chinese Market

The Seafood from Pakistan is getting popular in China. The popularity owes to many reasons including low prices and the assistance of government policies.

As per a report from the United Kingdom-based back in December 2016, China had superseded the European Union and Japan at the point to have become the biggest importer of Pakistan’s seafood.

Chen Hai’ou—President of Kashgar Mufeng and Hezhengyuan Biotechnology Co, while talking to the Global times said that the present, local demands are exceeding the supply in terms of the seafood imported from Pakistan.

Many seafood distributors said that the seafood from Pakistan as compared to the seafood imported from other sources is more cost friendly.

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In the recent years, the government of China has taken steps that have motivated and benefited the imports of seafood from Pakistan and India.

One example of the facilitation that the government of China has provided is the making of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)—a project of the one Belt and one road initiative. This project has enhanced the transportation channels for Pakistan’s seafood to enter in China.

As per Chen, in past, the sea and air routes were the only options for the seafood to enter China from Pakistan. However, since the establishment of the corridor, his firm has been importing seafood from Pakistan by land transportation through the Gwadar Port as well as through Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Chen said that the time taken by seafood to reach China through the land transportation is just three days whereas, earlier it used to take forty days. So now, even the cash conversion cycle is reduced.

He further mentioned that the business possess strong promising future as the demand for seafood in the North-western and Southwestern regions is high, also the transportation cost is low so many companies would be engaging themselves in the seafood trade business with Pakistan.

Starting from December 2017, the government has also decreased import tariffs on various kinds of seafood including frozen shrimps and crabs.

Many observers are of the view that there is a need to increase in international air cargo routes between the two countries for enhancing the seafood and fruits export from Pakistan to China.

This is good for Pakistan’s overall economy and would impact in a good way on the overall image of Pakistan.

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