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Screening Of Russian Film “The Island” At Lok Virsa

A Russian film “The Island” was screened at Lok Virsa Mandwa Film Club, as a tribute to Russian cinema. The Island is globally recognized film, with Golden Eagle Award as Best Russian Film recognition to its credit. The reason for selecting this particular film for screening lies in the fact that it has exceptional content, positive reviews and quite a many awards to its name.

The script was written by a young filmmaker at Moscow’s VGIK Film School. All the men in the movie were portrayed as monks and the Island was directed at the shores of White Sea in Northern Russia.

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The story takes you back to World War 2. A Russian sailor with the name Anatoly kills his friend as forced by German captors. After he pulls the trigger, his heart and soul never find peace. So years pass by but the guilt of the officer remains the same. Then with time, the officer achieves healing powers and he could predict the future. He can help people and guide them but for himself, he was not able to do anything. The guilt kept haunting him. He continues to ask for forgiveness, living a lonely empty life.

So the film tells you that your never sins never leave you no matter how hard you try. It talks about forgiveness, living a life with a disturbed past. The actor who played the role of the officer was a rock musician at that time. Now he lives in an abandoned village.

So in short the film is about sin, guilt, forgiveness, redemption and having faith all along.