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Scientists Reveal the World’s Biggest Periodic Table

World’s largest periodic table has been released by the scientists in Michigan which is most expectedly going to be placed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This table was officially revealed on Saturday on its 150th anniversary spread all around the football field at the grand valley state university’s Kelly Family Sports Center having a size of 108 yards.

All 118 elements were made out of tarps; each of them had a measurement of 18 by 14 ft. Scientists Perrigo’s organized this entire table by collaborating with the other area scientists.

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Perrigo company’s scientists had this idea in their minds that this type of periodic table will help inspire kids and their families in the exploration of the science field.

In order to judge the feat, officials from the Guinness Book of World Record made their appearance.

One of the scientists from Perrigo’s Analytical Lab Julie Samora said that the goal is to encourage kids and make them think of science at an early age and keep themselves engaged with science in a friendly way. Their engagement will help them to have a lifelong passion.

The manager of corporate social responsibility in Perrigo David Steves said that the next generation is really important for the scientific field. They will help us formulate research and develop the products we use for self-care in our daily life.

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