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Scientists Moving at Record Speed to Roll out the Cure for Coronavirus

Scientists are moving at record speed to roll out the cure for coronavirus and prevent its spread. The vaccines that were introduced to combat the Zika virus, Ebola virus, and Swine Flu virus came too late for rescue.

Coronavirus, now called 2019-nCoV has killed 100 people and infected another 4000. Soon after the sequence of the virus was listed by the Chinese researchers in the CEPI database, scientists began working on the development of the 2019-nCoV vaccine.

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Founded in 2016, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is basically a nonprofit organization that funds the development of new vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.

Richard Hatchett, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) CEPI has claimed that the organization is moving towards the development and testing of new vaccines faster than the earlier known effort.

It is claimed by CEPI that three different entities are nearing the development of the vaccine for Coronavirus. The manufacturers will begin conducting the clinical trials very soon and then the production will be ramped up. On 23rd January, CEPI allocated $12.5 million to Moderna, Inovio, and the University of Queensland.

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Moderna is a US-based biotechnology company that specializes in vaccine development. It is working on 2019-nCoV vaccines. Similarly, Inovio is also a US-based medical firm that is researching the 2019-nCoV within hours after it first emerged. It is claimed by the CEO Inovio, J. Joseph Kim that the company will develop the 2019-nCoV vaccine within a month and soon enter the phase of animal testing.

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