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Scientists have Found One of the World’s Largest Flowers


The wildlife officials of Indonesia might just have found one of the world’s largest flowers. The rafflesia plant is called a “monster flower” because of its parasitic properties and repugnant stench.

According to the Natural Resources and Conservation Center in West Sumatra, a rafflesia that recently bloomed in West Sumatran forest is the largest flower ever recorded.

Weirdly, it is the same location that produced the largest rafflesia ever recorded back in 2017. However, this new monster flower is 4 inches wider.

There are no roots or leaves of the plant, it is parasitic. The rafflesia feeds on a host plant, drink water and nutrients. It is only visible when it bursts via the host plant to unveil its flowers.

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The intimidating open mouth of the flower emits a foul odor similar to the rotting meat. This has earned it the nickname ‘corpse flower’. The stench attracts insects that pollinate it.

Despite all this, the life of rafflesia is quite short. For just one week its mouth remains open and then it rots and dies. So currently the largest flower on Earth will soon die.

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