Schools to Run in 3 Shifts After Reopening


The government has agreed to the reopening of the educational institutes in the month of September after the closure of 5 months, as said by the Chairperson of the All Private Schools Association, Tariq Shah on Thursday. He further said that the SOPs have been formulated for providing protection to the school-goers against the corona epidemic.

The provinces and the central government has agreed on Wednesday that the schools, colleges, and universities would be allowed to reopen in the first week of September under the strict imposition of the SOPs.

Tariq Shah while talking to local media said that there would be a mechanism in place, which would be defining the seating arrangements within the school and the children’s movement.

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Schools would run 3 shifts. Each shift would be of 3 hours each. These shifts would be operated under the SOPs, as shared by the Tariq Shah.

He said that though schools were not able to collect more than 35 percent of their total tuition fees owing to the closure, they had to pay the building rent, the utility bills and the salaries of the staff.

He further added that the government of Sindh had vowed them interest-free loans and that they were not offered any relief with regards to their reduced electricity bills. He said that if the schools’ owners had been offered some financial assistant they would have then been able to offer some form of relief to the parents as well.

Previously, Shafqat Mahmood, the federal education minister headed a conference of the interprovincial education ministers wherein the decision of reopening the educational institutions in September was taken.

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