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Schools and Colleges to have A Psychologist, Resolution Passed


The Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has passed a resolution for making it mandatory for the schools and colleges to have a psychologist as part of their faculty.

As per the resolution the schools charging Rs.5,000 or more monthly need to hire a psychologist as a member of their faculty, while the ones charging less than Rs.5,000 would have to arrange at least one session with the psychologist weekly.

A member of the KP Provincial Assembly—Ayesha Bano said that the first step of the resolution would be to try and take the health department on board. She added that the psychologists working in the public-sector hospitals would pay a visit to the various schools and conduct the counselling sessions.

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She further said that if the measure proves to be a success, then the government would work towards making this a permanent practice. Ms Bano said that the government would be adding the salaries of the psychologists to the provincial budget.

The MPA informed that the decision has been taken considering the surging number of child abuse cases throughout the country. KP account for 3percent of all the child abuse cases. She said that it is a high percentage in light of the fact that many of the child abuse cases are not even reported.

She said that drug use and child abuse are some of the most threating problems being found in the students, which need to be taken care of by both the teachers and parents.

She also asked other provinces to follow Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s lead.

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