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School Children to Experience Drug Tests

For the protection of children from the ever-increasing drug danger, Murad Ali Shah—the Sindh Chief Minister has taken a verdict to make the drug test a must for children acquiring education from government and private schools.

This decision was taken while he was heading a meeting relating the drug menace in the educational institutions throughout the province. The meeting was attended by several people having key position jobs including the Minister of Education—Jam Mehtab Dahar, Secretary Health—Dr Fazal Pechuho, Minister of Health—Dr Sikandar Mendhro, Secretary Education—Iqbal Durrani, Principal Secretary to CM Sohail Rajput and many others.

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The chief minister informed that there were some really frightening reports relating the use of drugs by students from some of the leading universities. He said that he is worried and alarmed by the reports and wants to protect the children from all such social evils. He further added that it is everybody’s’ responsibility to protect our children from the growing trend in the drug use.

Murad Ali Shah formed a committee for making a law for the drug testing of students of secondary to higher secondary level. The committee members are Dr Sikandar Mendhro—Minister of Health, Jam Mehtab Dahar—Minister of Education, Iqbal Durrani—Secretary Education and Fazal Pechuho—Secretary Health.

The chief minister Sindh added that it would be a must for all the students to clear the drug test. He further said that he is definite that parents too would show their support and cooperation in this task.

The secretary education informed that he has already started to prepare the list of the students so that the same list could be provided to the department of health so the drug testing could be started.

The chief minister said that he would release the required funds for conducting the tests when it would be required.

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