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Scholarships in Australia: Pakistani students could now get more scholarships than ever before

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Have you been searching for scholarships in Australia? If yes, the government of Australia is now planning to offer more scholarships to students from Pakistan.

Where study in Australia is more of a dream today, the government is trying to cater more students from Pakistan than ever before.

In a recent media talk, the Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson said that the country wants more students to come in and join some top-level universities.

Margaret was super excited to tell;

Australia is ranked at number three in offering education to international students.

The Australian government rolled out that they already have offered 40 to 50 scholarships to Pakistani students in 2017. And they want this number to outreach in 2018.

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Australia is one of the top-most scholarships-offering countries worldwide. The country has provided tons of scholarships to international cities including Pakistan. According to an estimate, around 2.5 students around the globe had been part of this successful journey.

a strong focus has been shifted towards the gender of applicants in which 50% is focused for female applicants

Margret said.

Although, female students in Pakistan haven’t yet scored this percentage. But the number of scholarship-grabbing female students from Pakistan has seen growth rate as compared to previous years.

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Business Management, Agriculture Business, Development Studies, Economics, and Engineering are few of the top adopted courses in Australia.

For Pakistani students, there’s a slight a differing course-selection attitude. When planning to study in Australia, Pakistanis prefer to enroll in courses like; public health, good governance, stabilization, and gender equality.

With actions like scholarships in Australia, the country intends to build strong bonds between the two nations. And in terms of financial benefits, both countries seek to explore new opportunities in the respective countries at the end of the study visa.

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