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SC Orders to Look into its 76,000 Employees

Pakistan Railways

The top court has given directives to Pakistan Railways to look into its 76,000 employees, and draft a list of the incompetent employees and submit it to the court in one month.

The court was hearing a filed petition on regularizing the employees of Pakistan Railways.

The Cheif Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked how many employees are working at the department of the Railways.

The secretary railway informed that 76,000 employees work for the department and said that they do not have any computerized data of all the employees. He further added that the department operates 142 passenger trains and 120 good trains. Only forty-three passenger trains are operating these days owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The CJP remarked that the railways have recruited a lot more people than it requires. He said what are these employees doing if the majority of the operations of the department are closed.

The department has been recruiting people on political grounds, Justice Ijazul Ahsan said. He also said that the media keep on portraying that PM Khan wants to bring reforms in the Railways.

He further informed that they are working on a 6-point reform agenda.

Justice Ahmed to this remarked that does not make such speeches as it is known what is happening in the department. He said that the department either takes lives or creates losses of millions of worth to the national treasury.

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